Anthony; the temptation of Coolhaven

Isolation is the truest form of worship. For this project Coolhaven isolated itself from daily live and work and thinking and went to this (cultural) desert called ‘Berlin’.

There, in the middle of nowhere strange voices began to speak to us. Not really sure what these voices were saying but we reproduced the parts that we were able to remember; as misunderstanding and misinterpretation is always a good start for a religion -or at least; religious feelings. So a big part of our temptation was that horrible german language; why does it always want to say things so precise and thoroughly? In our rambling and vague Dutchness we do everything wrong; authenticity, spelling, understanding and acting. But doing things wrong means doing things right. As all that is wordly is not worthy. And our profane isolation turned into a bright darkness; the one that ‘miracles’ are made of.

What this brought us in the performance; we still don’t know. But we know that there was starvation, illumination and lots of whipping. And we brought our sisters to convents. And we denied the importance of the body. And we insisted in getting beaten up by Language Germans. And in the end the truth did survive. Amen.

This was Coolhaven’s visit to Berlin in december 2008. The people from Ausland (Gregor, Elisabeth) invited us to do this residency, Coolhaven worked for a week on this new project, writing songs and texts, inventing a new line of clothes and at the end of the week, doing a performance, inspired by all kinds of art that was inspired by ‘hermitking’ Holy Anthony who was inspired by not eating properly and being on his own too much.


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