Suppe für die Nacht

Coolhaven & Felix Kubin (album and tour)

Kubin and Coolhaven came together in 2007 to make an album for the ‘Brombron’ series, a concept of residencies and album releases produced by the immortal Frans De Waard. The concept was ‘dada-schlager’ and Kubin brought some lyrics ,written by his uncle Walter Knoth.

Many years ago, Felix Kubins uncle Walter Knoth was looking for a composer to musically illustrate some of his old-fashioned brilliant Schlager texts. Naturally, his first choice was his own nephew Felix – but obviously this young guy did not have the versatile qualities to manage such a thing on his own. With the help of Coolhaven, ‘Suppe für die Nacht’ was made and after the Cd release the whole party did a little tour that went from France, Switserland, Germany to the Netherlands and Belgium.

The hit of the album ‘There is A Garden’ was released as a 7″ on the A-music label.

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